Nordic Terrier Show 2019 (English)

Save the date July 20, 2019!

Welcome to this year’s Nordic Terrier Show to compete with other terriers for a Swedish certificate in the mid-Swedish city of Eskilstuna. The show welcomes adult dogs and puppies from the age of 4 months.
Please note that Östsvenska Terrierklubben doesn’t offer Nordic certificates.


Sean Delmar, Ireland
American hairless, American Toy Fox, English Toy, Irish Glen of Imaal, Irish, Kerry Blue, Lakeland, Manchester, Nihon teria, Rat, Silky, Skottish, Skye, Smooth Haired Fox, Wire Fox, Tenterfield, Brasileiro, German hunting, Welsh, Yorkshire

Ken Bartlett. UK
Airedale, Bedlington, Border, Sealyham, West Highland White

Charlotte Sandberg, Sweden
Bull, Cesky, Dandie Dinmont, Jack Russell, Miniature Bull, Norfolk, Norwich, Parson Russell

Joakim Ohlsson, Sweden
Australian, Cairn, Irish Softcoated Wheaten

Marius Nedelcu, Romania
American Staffordshire, Staffordshire Bullterrier

Further information on how to register will follow soon.